Public release of the Margin Ratio for OTC FX Margin Trades with institutional customers

Pursuant to the provisions of the Cabinet Office ordinance on Financial Instruments Business, etc, (The Cabinet Order) when financial instrument firms conduct OTC FX Margin trades with institutional customers, they are required to take sufficient deposit to meet the condition that the margin ratio (margin amount ÷ notional amount) of the new trades executed at the time of the business day should be higher than the margin ratio calculated by the specific method described in Notice No.25 notified by the Financial Services Agency as of June 14, 2016.

By following this notice, the Financial Futures Association of Japan (FFAJ) will calculate the margin ratio and publish the margin ratio information on this site weekly. Our members should make use of this information for their OTC FX margin trades with their own institutional customers instead of calculating a foreign exchange risk assumption ratio by themselves. We believe that each currency pair's leverage data which is published together with the foreign exchange risk assumption ratio will help investors understand foreign exchange market trends. (The effective date for the cabinet order is scheduled on February 27, 2017, and the relevant margin ratio for this date will be calculated on February 17, 2017. The margin ratios older than February 17, 2017 are for reference only.)

Price data used for this calculation will be provided by NEX Data Services Ltd (NEX Data) and the calculation and publication work will be conducted by NEX Data outsourced by the FFAJ. For more information on the price data, please visit the NEX Data website. For more information on the calculation details, please click here.

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Base date Calculation date Effective date Foreign exchange risk assumption ratio (all currency pairs) Leverage (major currency pairs)
2021/01/22 2021/01/22 2021/02/01 ~ 2021/02/05 ffaj_margin_ratio_2021012200.csv 0eae96ffff8482cb4719c4abf7b0385f 100.00 91.74 64.51 56.49 109.89 72.46 59.52 105.26 38.16 33.11
2021/01/15 2021/01/15 2021/01/25 ~ 2021/01/29 ffaj_margin_ratio_2021011500.csv 7f4ef77db4f39950e27d5947d8efa7b5 99.00 91.74 64.51 56.49 109.89 72.99 59.52 103.09 38.16 33.00
2021/01/08 2021/01/08 2021/01/18 ~ 2021/01/22 ffaj_margin_ratio_2021010800.csv 000d28e89fab14e5cd23b9ebe6353788 99.00 91.74 64.51 56.49 109.89 72.99 59.52 105.26 38.02 33.00
2021/01/01 2021/01/01 2021/01/11 ~ 2021/01/15 ffaj_margin_ratio_2021010100.csv 64dfd8173cc9e53444ca388d869bf63f 99.00 91.74 64.51 56.49 109.89 72.99 59.52 102.04 38.16 33.00

The FFAJ's foreign exchange risk assumption ratio is calculated with the FX Market Reference Rate provided by NEX Data as base data. Please contact NEX Data for any queries on the FX Market Reference Rate.

Effective date FX Market Reference Rate
Filename Checksum
2018/07/27 ~ 2021/01/22 ffaj_3RefRate_2021012200.csv 144bd8eeb7d7bc3ecd689c875091901d
  1. The foreign exchange risk assumption ratio is normally calculated every Friday after 15:00 Tokyo time and is scheduled to be announced on this website at 17:00 Tokyo time the same day.
  2. The ‘effective date’ in the above table means the time period when members of this association apply the exchange rate risk ratio, published by this association to over-the-counter foreign exchange margin trading with institutional customers. (Note: it will not preclude the application of the margin ratio from commencing before the application period, depending on the judgement of the member.)
  3. When FFAJ members apply the margin ratio published by the FFAJ for their trades with institutional customers, the member will set their own margin ratio which should not be lower than the values stated here. The FFAJ publishes the margin ratio for the purpose of the investor's reference. The FFAJ recommends that members confirm notices and publications by the FFAJ and contact the FFAJ if there are any questions.
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